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Emilie Wallyn
After advanced studies at the conservatories of Boulogne-Billancourt and Paris, Émilie Wallyn continued her musical researches in the field of early music under the direction of specialists such as Christophe Coin and Bruno Cocset at the Conservatoire Supérieur de Paris. With her cello, she journeys through different epochs, engaging with composers and exploring their works and their choice of instruments within a variety of ensembles, including Il Seminario Musicale, Pulcinella, the Orchestre des Champs-Élysées, and the Orchestre Révolutionnaire et Romantique. For ten years now, she has been co-soloist in the Les Siècles orchestra, to which she has made a major musical and educational commitment. She teaches the cello and chamber music at the Conservatoire du Kremlin-Bicêtre and shares her enthusiasm with audiences keen to learn more about music in discovery workshops at the Philharmonie de Paris.
First round 2017 : Friederike Luise ArnholdtCellist accompanist
First round 2017 : Benjamin LaiCellist accompanist
First round 2017 : Bryan ChengCellist accompanist
First round 2017 : Stanislas KimCellist accompanist
First round 2017 : Yuya OkamotoCellist accompanist
First round 2017 : Tomasz DarochCellist accompanist
First round 2017 : Jonas PalmCellist accompanist
First round 2017 : Jakob SteppCellist accompanist
First round 2017 : Benedict KlöcknerCellist accompanist
First round 2017 : Hideaki FujiwaraCellist accompanist
First round 2017 : Valentino WorlitzschCellist accompanist
First round 2017 : Sebastian FritschCellist accompanist
First round 2017 : Sihao HeCellist accompanist
CELLO 2017Cellist accompanist
First round 2017 : Benedict Klöckner
First round 2017 : Hideaki Fujiwara
First round 2017 : Sebastian Fritsch
First round 2017 : Sihao He
First round 2017 : Valentino Worlitzsch
First round 2017 : Jakob Stepp
First round 2017 : Jonas Palm
First round 2017 : Tomasz Daroch
First round 2017 : Yuya Okamoto
First round 2017 : Benjamin Lai
First round 2017 : Bryan Cheng
First round 2017 : Stanislas Kim
First round 2017 : Friederike Luise Arnholdt
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