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DVD preselection voice 2014
From Monday 10 February 2014 to Thursday 20 February 2014
The purpose of the preselection round is to decide the number of candidates taking part in the public rounds of the Competition. Candidates applying for this competition submitted a DVD with their applications. These DVDs were viewed, behind closed doors, by the preselection jury. No limit was imposed on the number of singers to be admitted to the public rounds at Flagey; of the 214 candidates whose DVDs were screened, 73 were admitted to the first round.
Arie Van Lysebeth Chairperson of the Jury
Renée Auphan Member of the jury
Maria Bayo Member of the jury
Marius Brenciu Member of the jury
Helmut Deutsch Member of the jury
Sophie Karthäuser Member of the jury
José Van Dam Member of the jury
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