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In December 2011, an international jury has chosen the winning work of the International Composition Competition 2011 from the 137 scores that were entered.

2011 Queen Elisabeth International Grand Prize for Composition

Japanese composer Sakai Kenji has won the the Queen Elisabeth International Grand Prize for Composition 2011 with his Concerto pour violon et orchestre. His prize of 10.000 eur is presented by the SABAM.
The laureate work has been played 12 times in the final of the 2012 Queen Elisabeth Violin Competition, from 21 until 26 May 2012, at the Brussels Centre for Fine Arts by the finalists of the violin competition and the National Orchestra of Belgium, conducted by Gilbert Varga. The 12 performances have been broadcast live on radio, television and internet and the work has been released on CD.


Matsumoto Junichi [Japan] : Serendipity-Rafting
Alberto Schiavo [Italy] : Sulla luce dei fiori
Seo Hong-Jun [Korea] : Focus of the Fractal
They each receive a prize of 1.500 eur, presented by the National Lottery.
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